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July 1, 2017


“When you sit back with a good cup of coffee you are engulfed in the aroma, the taste, the acidity, and body of the brew. You take in all the dimensions of he cup-yet this is only the surface. Swirling beneath are worlds within worlds of culture, custom, ecology, and politics. All of the major issues of the twenty-first century-globalization, immigration, women’s rights, pollution, indigenous rights, and self-determination-are being played out through this cup of coffee in villages and remote areas around the world.”

-from ‘Javatrekker: Dispatches From The World Of Fair Trade Coffee,’ by Dean Cycon. @deancycon [ 📸 by @victoriahfarr , ☕️ by @vesselcraftcoffee ]


May 10, 2017

“This is the kind of satisfaction that people who truly love to cook are after. We seek, in our collective struggle, to learn more and to cook better, but we are in fact reaching for that connection to humanity that we’ve lost or maybe never had or simply want more of. This connection will forever elude us until we learn to move deliberately, to take a long time, to make sure our counter is clean every night. And it will elude us if we ever lose sight of cooking’s fundamental importance to others.”

– from ’The Soul Of A Chef: The Journey Toward Perfection,’ by Michael Ruhlman


April 28, 2017

“This book is about the one thing we can do to #saveourselves(because as #science has established, the #planet will be just fine if we disappear). It may seem #hardtobelieve that #onechangewill make such a #big difference, but I will show how it will have an all-pervasive impact on #globalclimatechange while also preserving our #health … In fact, it will infiltrate and improve almost every aspect of our lives.”

-from ‘Organic Manifesto’ by Maria Rodale